Bespoke Video Brochures Service

By adding high quality video content to print Talking Print give creatives, marketeers and printers a totally new marketing experience.

Offers Bespoke Video Brochures

All our brochures are made to order, they are totally bespoke. We build the brochure to our customers specifications. No two jobs are the same. The first thing we do is discuss your requirements and make recommendations according to your objectives. We consider the quantity required, turnaround, branding, target market and budget. Consideration is given to timelines, if we can produce in-house or manufacture in the Far East. We offer a unique short run bespoke service allowing customers a quick turn around. Our Far East suppliers give us the best service, quality and prices. Screen sizes come in many variations. Brochures can be printed however you like to any size or format. Books can be wrapped soft back or hard back. Or if you would prefer to supply your own print we can supply modules only.

Portrait Video Brochure
Video brochure soft back 5″ HD
Video brochure soft back 5″ HD
Video brochure soft back 2.4″
Video brochure soft back 4″ HD
Video brochure hard back 7″ HD
Video brochures in boxes
Video brochure soft back 4″ HD
Video brochure soft back 7″ HD
Video brochure hard back 7″ HD
Video brochure business card 2.4″
Video brochure POS 4″
Video brochure 7″ softback with pocket

Expertise in Supply of Video Brochures

With in-house experts in audio and video, print and marketing, Talking Print has the skills and vision to make printed brochures and video work together perfectly. What’s more, our understanding of the entire production process enables us to deliver your complete video brochure on time and looking great. Whatever your concept we can help, from video greeting cards to video in boxes and video in print.

10″ Bespoke box with Drawer
Samsung Bespoke Black Box With Video
10 inch Screen Short Run Hardback
Madame Tussauds 10″ with Bespoke Fit
Suzuki 4.3 inch Video Brochure
4.3 inch softback video brochure

Our Video Brochures Being Manufactured

charging in assembly process 3M attached 3M attached 4 3M attached 3
paper fixed screen fixed buttons fixed speaers and usb fixed
Hot glue
First QC in assembly front USB port Back

The Latest in Video Technology

We only use the best quality video modules with all suppliers fully tried and tested, all modules have a 12 month guarantee. The screens come in many sizes, the most popular being: 2.4″, 4.3″, 7″ and 10″. The screens are controlled by buttons set to your specification or touchscreen. Talking Print includes extra memory to allow for larger files and the option of up to six video downloads in one presentation. With a built-in, high power rechargeable battery pack, every unit has a USB connection for charging, uploading and downloading. Loan samples are available free of charge or for a small charge you are welcome to keep them, this charge will be credited against future orders.

We’d love to help you with your bespoke video brochure campaign. For further information, please contact us or request a quote.