Innovations in Print

Talking Print are at the forefront of development and innovation in media and print solutions. We are constantly pioneering the integration of sound, light and video technologies in print and we are expanding ambitions as to what can be done with creative marketing materials.

Through research, experimentation and development we are able to tailor specific technologies and techniques to the needs of a vast array of applications within the marketing sector.

Stage one of our process is to discuss brief, outline product design and draw up rough schedules. With the concept finalised we move onto building a prototype and once reviewed we closely work with the client to revise and refine the concept where necessary all the while ensuring expectations and quality standards are met throughout.

With a perfect product design in place we then work through the production process whether it be short run, long run, UK or far east production we guide our clients through the production phase ensuring that the options chosen here are best suited to project’s budget, delivery time and quality standard.

Talking Print offer a unique in house audio and video design, print and production service to enable designers, marketeers and printers to create truly innovative products.

If you would like to discuss a project with us, no matter how large or small please email or call David Hyams