POS Sound and Vision

Typically today’s Point of Sale materials use great copy and design and are well printed in multiple colours, using a range of additional inks, die cuts and finishes to draw attention to the products.

If good copy and design is the first dimension and excellent print is the second, Talking Print’s uniquely bespoke Audio POS materials take Point of Sale to the third dimension.

Using audio pods discretely tucked inside the POS unit, Talking Print’s Audio POS units can be either mains or battery powered and are activated by motion or light sensors. Sizes of the PODs can vary depending on the dimensions of the POS and quantities are available from one to a million.


POS Audio at the Next Level

Talking Print makes POS Audio concepts that engage and amaze shoppers. Whether you’d like us to work with your creative team, or develop and execute the creative concept for you, we have the musical and recording expertise to deliver your vision.

Rather than creating an audio POS that doesn’t fit with the design and shouts out its message, we work with clients to maximise the effect of their promotions.

The following are just some of our ideas to for great Point of Sale Audio concepts:

  • Beauty products with sea minerals in an audio POS that plays the sound of the sea
  • Monkey, parrot and lion soft toys in an audio POS that plays the sound of the jungle
  • Travel brochures held in an audio POS that plays sounds of exotic locations with added voices

We’d love to help you with your audio POS. For further information, please contact us or request a quote.

Why not ask us about our built in video screens for POS Video too.

Examples of Point of Sale Audio

POS Motion Sensor Header board
Point of Sale Audio
POS Sound and Vision
POS Audio Module