Sound and Light Modules

We supply the highest quality sound and light modules, recorded to your customised specification. We can produce any quantity from one to millions. We will work hard to meet any deadlines, even the impossible one’s. Modules are ideal for the use in greeting cards, invitations, books and brochures.

Modules come in various sound lengths and sizes. They can be triggered by pull-tab, push button or even light activation. Short run stock is held in the UK office for immediate dispatch or for longer runs and total customisation via our Far East Office.

We pride ourselves on our quality control, we only work with fully accredited suppliers and ensure all our modules meet the highest standards.

As part of our service, if you are supplying your own print, we will work with you or your printers to ensure application of the modules is done correctly.

If you would like more information, costing or would just like to talk through an idea, please call 0208 883 2227, email us at or fill out a form on the right.

LED strip with pin activated
20 second card module with pulley
Pulley, 1 lithium battery, 40mm speaker
Push button, 3 battery, 40mm speaker
Light sensitive, 3 battery, 40mm speaker
Push button, 2 battery, 15mm speaker
LEDs and audio modules
Light sensitive, 2 battery, 15mm speaker
Light sensitive, 5 LEDs, 2 battery
Push button, 20mm speaker, waterproof
Pulley battery 40mm speaker