USB Greeting Cards

Introducing USB Greeting Cards

A personalised and branded card complete with a customised USB stick to upload up to 1GB of your own original content.

USB Greeting Cards are an ideal and unique solution for musicians or record companies looking for a thoughtfully crafted and branded card to share their content. Whether it be new music, an exclusive video, a press release, presentations, photos, artwork, or anything else.

We’re open to new ideas from our clients and making them happen!

We’ll be on hand to help you curate the card design, including both the outside and inside of the card. Our high-quality prints will showcase your designs and artwork on both the card and the USB stick itself.

As well as the music industry, USB Greeting Cards can benefit a whole range of industries as they’re perfect to take along in bulk to trade shows or press events to share with clients or invitees. Feel free to contact us for more information.

There is no minimum or maximum order.

You can make your USB Greeting Card online or contact us for our bespoke service.

Prices range from £4 to £7 depending on quantity.